BASIC SaaS Start Packets


Do you want to have your website as your first choice?
In general, most applicants choose the first and almost all of the first three options found in search engine results.
We provide you with websites with maintenance and organic marketing.
This way you would get a lot more visitors, from which 2.35 - 5.31 % would become your paying customers by statistics.

With 24 Months Organic Digital Marketing Maintenance Agreement 
Starting with just 25 €
(All prices VAT 0%)

BASIC SaaS site Digital Marketing Maintenance Agreement 
Will be charged monthly from payment card by sending a PDF traffic report showing the users, sessions, locations, and conversions for purchases, calls, emails, and map views. 
It costs 0.20 - 0.01 € per session, minimum 25€ / month.

In practice, the monthly payment will be between 25-80 € with 80% of the sites,
25€´s meaning 100 sessions with 
5.88 - 13.28 orders, and 80 €´s meaning 500 sessions with 11.7 - 25.77 customers.
The best 10% of the sites receive more than 2,000 sessions from which 47 - 106 customers with 220€ monthly cost.

When you want 100 000 sessions the cost is 1 000 € per month.

Sessions are the results of organic (free) Google search engine visibility, all of which are regularly checked and benchmarked by our SEO-expert employees and adjusted in the style, which gives better results by adding new and different search terms. 

Monthly maintenance pricing is based on the fact that we have search engine visibility-optimizing full-time employees at work who strive to increase monthly visitor and order volumes in addition to the Ruby On Rail code with which our sites are made to load sites much faster than cheaper versions, but maintaining it costs much more. The Ruby On Rail code is also used by Facebook, among other high traffic sites, and its features include the fact that it can handle large numbers of sessions, such as the reference we made to the Akon Foundation, which at its best was visited by 200,000 visitors a month.

We can also work in close cooperation with you by doing personalized product development and set monthly charges based on the conversion goals.  

BASIC SaaS Start Packets